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Thermal Desorption

CDS 9350

Product Introduction

Programmable Time's:

Focus Trap:


Dynamic Range:


Temperature Accuracy:

Tube Heating Rate:

Trap Heating Rate:

Valve Oven:

Transfer Line:

Sample Desorb:

Focus Desorb:

On-Line Sampling:

GC Connection:


Dimension (W x H x D):

0 - 999.9 minutes

Yes, Standard 1/8" Vocarb, Low Thermal Mass


Not Required. Pre-Desorb




Up to 350°C

Up to 350°C 

Up to 400°C

Up to 400°C

Continuous with Dual Tubes

Heated Transfer Line

21 kg

16" X 11" X 18" 


The CDS 9350 Thermal Desorption system is designed for continuous real time air monitoring with a dual thermal desorption tube setup. It features a hand-held controller for system maintenance and direct communication. With the highest programmable valve temperature on the market (350°C), the 9350 can venture into applications where other systems can not perform, including VOCs, sVOCs, polar and nonpolar compounds. The two stage trapping and desorption process with Pre-desorb and Pre-heat feature eliminate the need of any Peltier cooling or liquid cryogen to improve the resolution for early eluting molecules. An optional heated sampling line is available.