Thermal Desorption

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Tube Conditioner

Product Features
Compatible with Mainstream TD Tubes

The single and six tube conditioner could condition both 6mm x 4.5" CDS TD tube and 1/4" x 3.5" PE and Markes TD tube, other sizes like VOST and fast flow requires adapter heating sleeves.

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Easy Control and Program

A handheld controller is used to program the six tube conditioner independently for each channel. 

Optional Injection Port

The injection port option offers a convenient way to introduce internal standard onto the thermal desorption tube. 

Product Introduction

Max Temperature:


Temp Accuracy:


Dimension (W x H x D):

400 °C

6 mm x 4.5" and 1/4" x 3.5"

Adapter required for other sizes

1 °C

6 lbs (Single Tube Conditioner)

15 lbs (Six Tube Conditioner)

6" X 11" X 6.5" (Single)

8" X 15.5" X 12" (Six)


CDS offers two conditioners to restore tubes to their original purity, which are single tube model and sixe tube model. The six tube model has independent flow control for each tube, and is supplied with a handheld controller for easy control. The six tube conditioner could also be connected to a PC for programming. The injection port option is available to allow users to spike the tube with an internal standard. 

Parts & Options



Single Tube Conditioner - Model 10 (115 V) For conditioning of 1/4" and 6 mm O.D. x 5 1/2' max L


Six-tube Conditioner - Model 9600 (115V) for 1/4" OD and 6 mm O.D. x 5½' maximum length tubes


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Injection Port Option for Model 10 Single-tube Conditioner


Injection Port Option for Model 9600 Six-tube Conditioner


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Thermal Desorption Series

CDS 9300
CDS 9300

CDS's base model instrument for single tube desorption.

CDS 9350

CDS 9350 supports continuous real time air monitoring through a dual tube setup.

CDS 7550S

Stand-alone 72 position Thermal Desorption system

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Sampling Devices

Portable single channel air sampler

CDS 9305

Near-real time sampling Thermal Desorption system.

Tube Conditioner

CDS's single and six tube conditioners are essential accessories for your analysis. 

CDS 7550

72 position autosampler for 9300 family improve productivity and efficiency.