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CDS Analytical LLC, the global leader of gas chromatography (GC) sample introduction instruments for the analytical laboratory, has signed a definitive agreement with 3M Purification Inc to acquire the rights to Empore™ products, including production equipment related to manufacturing 3M™ Empore™ products, know-how in product formula, process standards, quality control, specification, and the Empore™ trademark. 3M will also license certain patents to CDS Analytical related to the Empore™ products. The transaction was completed in March 2019.


With this acquisition, CDS Analytical extends its reach into lab consumables and lays the foundation to expand its offerings to Environmental, Food Science, and Biopharma customers, while creating opportunities to establish one-stop shop by covering both SPE instruments and consumables. The acquisition will combine the power of CDS Analytical’s cutting-edge technology in analytical instruments with Empore™ brand’s legendary membrane formula in separation science to drive behavior change with CDS Analytical’s expertise in analytical chemistry and proven ability in manufacturing high-quality products over the past 50 years.


Following the acquisition of the Empore™ line from 3M, CDS has not only reinstated the complete product portfolio previously offered by 3M but has also significantly expanded into new areas. This includes a strong presence in the bioanalytical industry with the introduction of the HLB-series SPE phases. Moreover, CDS has entered the rapidly growing field of proteome science by incorporating prestigious products like Empore™ StageTips and newly licensed E-series technology (E3technology™, E4technology™, and E5technology™). These additions encompass a wide range of products for proteomic sample preparation, covering aspects such as cell lysis, protein cleanup, and digestion, peptide fractionation and purification, as well as modification enrichment.

Empore Products

98-0604-0217-3 transparent background.png
Empore Disk

47 and 90 mm disks with C18, C8, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, Oil & Grease and Activated Carbon

Empore Cartridge

1, 3, and 6 mL cartridges with minimum elution volume 

98-0604-0191-0 all 3 cartridges transparent.png
Empore 96-well Plate

96-well plate with 1.2 and 2.5 ml well volume 

Empore EZ-Trace

Four channel high-throughput SPE equipment

Ez-trace thumbnail grey.jpg
Empore StageTips

SPE Micropipette Tips with C18, C8, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, SAX, SCX,

Empore Spin Column

For small-volume desalting and fractionation of peptides and proteins

Spin columns website Thumbnail.png

Efficient, effective, and economical approach for proteomics sample preparation (protein cleanup and digestion) with various format

Leaders in GC Sample Introduction Technology

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