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Thermal Desorption

CDS 7550S

Product Features
72 Position Autosampler

CDS adopts a novel way to protect the TD tube by sealing in a reusable gas tight metal chamber, while waiting for the autosampler to pick up. 

Dual Mode Focusing Trap

To improve the resolution of early eluting molecules, CDS adopts pre-desorb and pre-heat technique along with Peltier cooling to mechanically and chemically confine analytes on the analytical trap to improve focusing

Stand-Alone Automsampler

The 7550S Thermal Desorption Autosampler has a built in focus trap and does not require a separate sample concentrator. 

High Temperature Valve Oven Programmable to 350°C

The high temperature oven (350°C)  significantly extends the analyte range from VOCs to sVOCs.  

Excellent TD Tube Compatibility

The autosampler can be configured to accommodate standard  1/4" x 3.5" TD tube from various manufacturers from its custom calibration interface

Powerful Windows Based Software

The software is Windows 10 compatible and gives the user full access to method editor and sequence table.

Built-in Leak Check

The automated leak check assures the system is air-tight before proceeding with the desorption of your sample. 

Optical Sensor

The optical sensor detects the status of the TD tube on every step, both transporting to and from the heater oven.

Precision Robotic Arm

The robotic arm holds 1 mm X,Y,Z accuracy. The reliable gripping mechanism has the capability to handle both Pyrex glass and stainless steel tubes.

Product Introduction