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Your Single Source for Sample Introduction

CDS Analytical is an ISO 9001 certified global provider of innovative thermal sample preparation instrumentation for the analytical laboratory. For over 50 years our exclusive focus has been on conceiving, designing, manufacturing, and supporting leading edge instruments. CDS offers a complete suite of diverse front-end GC equipment including pyrolyzers, purge and trap, headspace, and thermal desorption systems. These robust, field-tested products provide the entire range of temperature, heating rate, and multiple step manipulations required by today's most demanding analytical laboratories.

With a well-established leadership role with pyrolyzers and other sample introduction systems, as well as broad market penetration on a global scale, CDS continues to be innovative and dynamic, and will pioneer the next wave of sample introduction instrumentation.

In addition to CDS's expertise is sample introduction instrumentation, CDS is collaborating with LabTech to bring you a well-rounded selection of lab equipment to support various laboratory needs. Our reliable and cost-effective lab equipment line includes rotary evaporators, water chillers, vacuum pumps, nitrogen concentrators, hotplates, digestion blocks, and more. With these products on board, make CDS your partner for all your sample preparation and sample introduction equipment.

Company Timeline

Leaders in GC Sample Introduction Technology

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