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Product Features
Product Introduction
Product Features
Compatible with Mainstream TD Tubes

The single channel air sampler could adopt 6m x 4.5" CDS TD tube, 10mm x 4.5" CDS TD tube, 1/4" x 3.5" PE and Markes TD tube, Tekmar 1/4" x 7" tube and VOST 16mm X 5" TD tube

2 Line LCD Display

The backlight LCD displays shows elapsed time, accumulated volume, flow rate and calibration settings

rugged design.jpg
Rugged Design

The case is made of high impact steel fiber filled Lexan. The metal liner made it antistatic and RFI/EMI-shielded. Tough for various in field sampling work. 

Product Introduction

Battery Running Time:

Flow Range:

Flow Accuracy:

Charge Time:





Dimension (W x H x D):

20 hours @ 300 cc/min

0-99 cc/min in low flow mode

100-600 cc/min in high flow mode


150 minutes 

0-45 °C

elapsed time, accumulated volume and flow rate

540 g

4.5" X 4" X 2"


This portable air sampling pump is to draw air samples through a single thermal desorption tube at user settable flow rate
and sampling time for volatile organic compounds (VOC) studies.
• Battery operated
• Pocket size and rugged design
• Integrated electronic timer and volume counter

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Single Channel Air Sampler


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Parts & Options

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Thermal Desorption Series

CDS 9300
CDS 9300

CDS's base model instrument for single tube desorption.

CDS 9350

CDS 9350 supports continuous real time air monitoring through a dual tube setup.

CDS 9305

Near-real time sampling Thermal Desorption system.

CDS 7550

72 position autosampler for 9300 family improve productivity and efficiency. 

CDS 7550S

Stand-alone 72 position Thermal Desorption system

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Sampling Devices

Portable single channel air sampler

Tube Conditioner

CDS's single and six tube conditioners are essential accessories for your analysis. 

Leaders in GC Sample Introduction Technology

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