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Vacuum Pumps

Family Brief

Vacuum pumps are staples in the lab environment for various applications including filtration, distillation, and rotary evaporation. The LabTech vacuum pump series has multiple offerings depending on the application. 


  • The VP18 Plus is the most popular vacuum pump offering with the lowest vacuum pressure (20 mbar) for general lab applications.

  • The VP30 is the most-cost effective solution for applications not possessing high vacuum requirements.

  • The VP50 Plus model has the fastest pumping rate for larger volume applications without needing high vacuum requirements.


The LabTech vacuum pump series can be coupled as an accessory with the LabTech rotary evaporator offerings or with CDS Analytical’s Empore solid phase extraction product line for vacuum filtration related applications. 

All LabTech products comply with the ISO procedures, to ensure they fully satisfy the quality standards and the needs of our customers. LabTech has indeed the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, obtained by TÜV SÜD - a global, multi-accredited organization accepted by the majority of the world - proving that we thoroughly follow the international standards for quality management.

Family Comparison

VP18 Plus
VP50 Plus
Pumping Rate
18 L/min
30 L/min
50 L/min
Vacuum Pressure
20 mbar
250 mbar
150 mbar
Noise Level
<42 dB
<50 dB
<58 dB
30x17x24 cm
30x17x24 cm
30x17x24 cm
6 kg
6 kg
7 kg
Power Supply
115V, 60Hz
115V, 60Hz
115V, 60Hz

Family Series

vp18 plus thumbnail grey.jpg
VP18 Plus

Oil free vacuum pumps offering vacuum pressures as low as 20mbar.


The most cost effective oil-free vacuum pump solution for applications without low pressures needs.

vp30 thumbnail white.jpg
vp50 plus thumbnail white.jpg
VP50 Plus

Oil-free pump with high pumping rates perfect for large volumes in applications without low pressures needs.

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