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272 Eval. of Sample Loading Amount for 4 Types of StageTips on Total Number of Protein Identities

The Empore™ StageTips product was developed utilizing the Empore™ membrane solid phase extraction (SPE) product to address the need for rapid, offline purification and desalting of peptides in proteomics sample preparation. The structures of SPE reversed phase sorbents is a critical factor to affect the Empore™ StageTips on the types and quantities of peptides extracted. In this application note, 3 types of C18 SPE sorbents and a polymeric reverse phase (Empore™ SDB-XC) have been evaluated on their effects of the corresponding StageTips on total number of protein and peptide Identifications at 4 different sample loading amounts from 10ng to 200ng in proteomics.

272 Empore Evaluation of Sample Loading Amounts for StageTips
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