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185 CDS 7000C Purge and Trap Performance with CTC PAL Automation

CDS Analytical would like to introduce a new way to automate VOC analysis in aqueous solutions. In combination with CTC Analytics, we have combined forces by integrating our Purge & Trap (PT) 7000C concentrator into the CTC PAL RSI and RTC systems.

Now you can integrate the most reliable Purge & Trap concentrator into the most reliable autosampler, which may already be in your lab.

The PT technique not only meets several EPA water methods (like EPA 524, 624 and 8260), but PT extends the lower working range for volatile organic analysis to several orders of magnitude lower than SPME. This may be useful when looking at contamination levels in beverages or aqueous-based pharmaceuticals.

Please see the links for application note on the combined solution. For further information or pricing, please contact your local CDS representative or contact CDS Analytical directly.

The 7000C truly takes the PAL 3 to the next level.

Purge & Trap 7000C PAL Environmental Food and Flavor Fragrance

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