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CDS 5200 HPR

Product Introduction
Product Features
CDS Resistively Heated Filament

The CDS resistive heating coil is the most versatile way to pyrolyze your sample with the lowest thermal mass and quickest temperature ramp up rate. 

Pyrolysis in Extreme Enviroments

The CDS HPR enables you to carry out pyrolysis at an elevated pressure of 500 PSI. No other systems can even come close. 

User Selectable Catalyst Reactor

The CDS HPR system comes with a reactor system to enable catalysis studies at max temperature of 800°C. The reactor can be bypassed through the rotation of a valve.

Digital Display of the Pressure and Temperature

No more guess on the sample pressure, and no more mess to crash the pyrolysis tube. The pressure and temperature are accurately and digitally controlled and displayed.

Heavy Duty Back Pressure Regulator

The back pressure regulator is the most heavy duty regulator commercially available. It reliably handle the most challenging settings.

Optional Steam Module

The optional steam module allows the user to carry out pyrolysis with steam as a reactant gas by elevated pressure. This option is another CDS first in advance pyrolysis capabilities. 

Product Features
Product Introduction