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Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Grinding Technology:

Max Frequency:

Temperature Range:


Grinding Ball:

Finish Powder (8 runs):

Feed-in Sample Size:


Dimension (W x H x D):

 Accessoires Included:

Ball grinding, Vertical oscillation 

70 Hz

Liquid nitrogen (-196°C)

4 channel of 5 ml sample jar

9.6 mm zirconia

5 micron

<8 mm

25 kg

260 mm x 470 mm x 380 mm

Liquid nitrogen reservoir, metal tongs, 4X 5 ml titanium sample vessles, 5X 9.6 mm zirconia grinding balls, sample rack and cover


A distinct advantage of analytical pyrolysis GC-MS (PY-GC-MS) in polymer analysis is a simplified sample preparation process by skipping the solvent extraction and concentration step. However, the challenging hurdle in the sample preparation for PY-GCMS is to homogenize the polymer samples, which would determine the reproducibility of the following sample runs. As the rule of thumb for PY-GC-MS, more homogenized samples would yield more reproducible data. Among various homogenizers, cryogenic ball mill has been proven to be a powerful tool in homogenizing thermally sensitive and elastic polymers. CDS Analytical has designed an economical and ready-to-use cryo-mill solution for such applications.

Product Features
Product Features
cryogenic grinding.JPG
Ball Grinding at -196 °C

The CDS Analytical's cryo-mill adopts ball grinding technique and allows the sample to be pre-cooled by liquid nitrogen to -196 °C

4 channel.JPG
High Throughput

The cryo-mill supports up to 4 sample jars. Each sample jar could host up to 5 grams of sample. 

vertical osillation.jpg
Vertical Oscillation

The cryo-mill could generate up to 70 Hz oscillation on the sample jar vertically to bring strong impact for effective sample grinding. 

8 mm feed size.JPG
5 micron Final Fineness

The sample jar could accommodate sample size less than 8 mm in diameter, and yield a final fineness up to 5 micron. 

touch screen.jpg
Built-in Method

The cryo-mill has a user-friendly interface with built-in method designed for Py-GC-MS applications. 

saftey lock.JPG
Safety First

The cryo-mill has multiple safety features built-in, including an automated locking mechanism when the cryo-mill is not balanced.  

Parts & Options
Part Number
Cryo-mill for Polymers, ball grinding by impact and friction at liquid nitrogen temperature
A set of 4x 5 ml titanium sample vessles with 6X 9.6 mm zirconia grinding balls
Parts & Options

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CDS's cryo-mill is a laboratory ball mill that grinds polymer sample in liquid nitrogen temperature.

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