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CDS 4000

Product Introduction

Programmable Time:


Temperature Range:

Temperature Accuracy:

Heating Rate:


Probe Clean:

Probe Dry:

Multi-Temperature Steps:

Interface Type:

Interface Temperature:

Interface Heating Rate:

GC Connection:


Dimension (W x H x D):


0 - 999.9 minutes


Up to 1300°C


0.01°C/ms to 20°C/ms

0.01°C/sec to 999.9°C/sec

0.01°C/min to 999.9°C/min




Low Thermal Mass

Up to 350°C

1°C/min to 100°C/min

Injection Port Direct Mount


25 cm x 44cm x 46 cm



The CDS Model 4000 Pyroprobe is specifically designed for users that occasionally need pryolysis to assist their work. The 4000 has an economical price tag, and possesses a direct GC injection port mount feature to simplify the operation and installation. Installation and removal only takes minutes on conventional GC. 

Product Features
CDS Resistively Heated Filament

The CDS resistive heating coil is the most versatile way to pyrolyze your sample with the lowest thermal mass and quickest temperature ramp up rate. 

Super Compact Design with Small Foot Print

The CDS 4000 Pyroprobe is one of the smallest pyrolyzers in the world. Its compact design provides several benefits as easy setup and minimal use of bench space. 

Compatible to All Major GC through Remote Start Cable

The CDS 4000 Pyproprobe is capable to handle GC start signals from all major GC models including TTL and contact closure. 

Direct GC Injection Port Mount

The CDS 4000 Pyroprobe interface is installed directly on the GC injection port and could be removed in minutes. 

Sample Rack for Easy Sample Storage

The CDS 4000 Pyroprobe comes with a built-in sample rack which provides easy storage of your loaded samples.

Compatible with the CDS Thermal Desorption Probe

With the optional Thermal Desorption Probe, the CDS 4000 could be converted to a Thermal Desorber for VOC in air of thermal extraction applications. 

USB Connectivity

The CDS 4000 Pyroprobe comes with a USB port to plug and play to the control software installed on your PC.

Powerful PC Interface

The powerful windows based software gives full control on both the pyrolysis zone and the interface.

Quick Connect Cables

The connection between the interface and the main instrument is easy to setup through quick connect cables. 


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Pyroprobe Series

CDS 4000
CDS 4000

CDS's most cost effective single temperature Pyroprobe.

CDS 6200
CDS 6200

CDS's 6th Generation Pyroprobe with trapping capabilities for reactant gas apps.

CDS 6150

CDS's 6th Generation Pyroprobe with up to 10 programmed temperature steps​.

CDS 6150
DISC Module

CDS's DISC module provides the easiest way to load your pyroloysis sample. 

DISC Module
Autosampler Module
Autosampler Module

CDS's autosampler module with Dynamic Loading to improve productivity for any 6000 series pyroprobe.


CDS's HPR Pyroprobe allows pyrolysis at elevated pressure with built-in reactor.


Photoprobe is a device that irradiates sample in the Drop In Sample Chamber with high intensity UV light

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