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DISC Module

Photo above showing DISC mounted on a 6150

Product Introduction

Temperature Range:

Heating Rate:

Interface Temerature:



Dimension (W x H x D):


Programmable to 1300°C

Programmable from 0.01°C/s to 20°C/s

From ambient up to 300°C

6150, 6200

1.5 kg

4" X 5" X 3"


Photos above showing DISC mounted on a 6150


The Drop-In-Sample-Chamber (DISC) is a novel accessory module for the 6000 series Pyroprobes. It transforms the horizontal sample loading probe used in traditional manual pyrolysis system to a convenient vertical loading system. The DISC saves your precious time by reducing the sample tube loading process. When used with the filler rod, the DISC helps to reduce sample preparation time by skipping the quartz wool insertion. The DISC chamber also isolates the pyrolysis sample tube from touching the platinum heating coil and can help to eliminate coil damages.    

Product Features
CDS Resistively Heated  Filament

The DISC chamber adopts the same legendary CDS resistive heating coil to pyrolyze your sample with the lowest thermal mass and quickest temperature ramp up rate. 

Most Convenient Way to Load Pyrolysis Samples 

It has never been easier before to load a pyrolysis tube when using the DISC chamber, thanks to the novel design of the vertical loading method.

Minimum Effort in Routine Maintenance

The DISC chamber is designed with the user in mind, and requires minimum maintenance. An occasional septum change is all that is needed to keep it operating properly. 

Upgrade to Autosmapler 

The DISC chamber is the core component of the autosampler module, and could be easily   upgraded on site. 

Multi-point Calibration

The DISC chamber is calibrated by NIST-traceable temperature probe on the sample temperature to within 0.1°C.

Software Compatible

The 6000 series software has embeded the DISC control option for both 6150 and 6200. 

Parts & Options



Standard in 6150 Pyroprobe

Standard in 6200 Pyroprobe

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