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Empore EZ-Trace Workstation

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Solid Phase Extraction


Empore 47 and 90mm disks, cartridges, and other vendors' disks and cartridges.






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  • Improved efficiency is gained, at a cost-effective price, by using this manual, vacuum-controlled SPE workstation

  • The independent channel design allows users to perform up to 4 extractions simultaneously without cross-contamination

  • Universal compatibility with all Empore disks and cartridges and other vendors' SPE products

  • Precision flow rate control is perfect for high-throughput sampling for both small and large volume samples

  • Environmentally friendly extraction is easily achieved by valves separating organic and aqueous waste collection

  • Inert sample pathways ensure extracts are clean and free of contamination

Product Features
Four Channel Independent Design

Up to 4 extractions can be performed simultaneously. The independent channels design ensures that each channel will not effect the others, preventing cross-contamination.

Universal Compatibility

The lure tip fitting at each extraction station make the EZ-Trace universally compatible. This is perfect for traditional SPE cartridges and the disk adapter assemblies included with the EZ-Trace.

Easy Eluate and Waste Separation

Each extraction station is equipped with a valve for easy switching between sample collection and waste removal. The flow can also be stopped with this valve to allow for solvent soaking steps.

Simple Collection Design

Each EZ-Trace unit comes with 4 standard 40mL collection vials and screw cap adapters. This simple design allows for easy setup and adaptive use of other types of collection vials.

Precision Flow Control

Equipped with a needle valve for both waste and elution flow, these valves allow for precision flow control. This feature makes the EZ-Trace perfect for both small and large volume samples.

Separate Waste Collection

This switching valve allows for separation of organic and aqueous waste streams. This environmentally friendly feature assists in proper disposal of each type of waste.

Inert Sample Pathways

Inert sample pathways made of PEEK, PTFE, and stainless steal prevent corrosion from organic solvents such as DCM. This extends the application range of the EZ-Trace and extends the lifetime of the parts.

Easy Maintenance

The simple flow design makes the EZ-Trace easy to maintain, clean, and replace components as needed.

Clean Extracts

Clean extracts are realized when using the EZ-Trace. This chromatogram shows a contamination-free separation of 132 total target molecules for the example application of EPA Method 525.3.

Operation and Installation Videos
EZ-Trace Installation and Setup
EZ-Trace Operation Demo

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Empore Products

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Empore Disk

47 and 90 mm disks with C18, C8, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, Oil & Grease and Activated Carbon

Empore Cartridge

1, 3, and 6 mL cartridges with minimum elution volume 

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Empore 96-well Plate

96-well plate with 1.2 and 2.5 ml well volume 

Empore EZ-Trace

Four channel high-throughput SPE equipment

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