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Product Introduction
Product Introduction



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Solid Phase Extraction


Extraction Cartridge

C18 Sorbent Particles, C8 Sorbent Particles, SDB-XC Sorbent Particles

Life Sciences


Basic Research


  • Cartridge design promotes high retention of a wide range of analytes, reducing method development time and facilitating a generic approach to sample preparation

  • High performance sorbents and 3M proprietary Empore membrane technology offers high recovery, superior clean-up, and cartridge-to-cartridge reproducibility

  • Sorbent matrix promotes high retention of a wide range of analytes, reducing method development time and facilitating a generic approach to sample preparation

  • Functional groups, such as octyl (C8) and octadecyl (C18), can be bonded to the silica surface to provide non polar interactions

  • Each sorbent exhibits unique properties of retention and selectivity filter for a particular analyte

Product Features

We designed Empore™ Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges for sample pretreatment to remove or minimize sample matrix and other interferences to “clean-up” a sample prior to analysis. Our extraction cartridge incorporates C18 (Octadecyl) standard density sorbent particles with PTFE to create a mechanically stable sorbent disk secured in a syringe barrel.



An Empore extraction disk is secured in place at the bottom of each cartridge with a sealing ring and a proprietary prefilter is placed above the Empore disk. This prefilter aids in preventing particulates and macromolecules from reaching the underlying membrane and improves the flow of biological samples, such as serum and plasma, through the cartridge.

Empore™ Disk Cartridges are an innovative alternative to packed column technology. Each cartridge is molded from a polypropylene resin. The dense particle packing and uniform distribution within Empore disks offer outstanding sample preparation efficiency and reproducibility of results. Since the diffusion distance between particles is minimized, adsorption is more efficient, and extraction can be accomplished using low sorbent mass.

Our Standard density (SD) membranes for all silica based sorbent chemistries allow reliable sample preparation for challenging sample matrices. The standard density membrane has been optimized for improved flow rates for samples processed in most bioanalytical applications. Our high density (HD) membrane formulation is effective for minimal elution volumes. The high density membranes are designed for maximum extraction efficiency with minimal elution volumes of samples that have less matrix interference.

Empore membranes efficiently extract samples with no channeling. The small bed volume allows compound elution from Empore cartridges in as little as 100-200 µL of mobile phase or mobile phase compatible solutions. Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a procedure where an analyte is isolated and concentrated from a liquid sample. It is also described as a clean-up procedure that prepares the analyte prior to analysis so that the desired sensitivity range of an analytical method can be obtained. Analytes are isolated from complex mixtures by proper selection of a variety of sorbent chemistries (reversed phase, mixed phase, normal phase, and ion exchange). The analyte, or component itself, is the material or chemical element for which the analytical process is focused.

Empore Solid Phase Extraction Products are intended for solid phase extraction during scientific research only. These products are not intended for use in medical devices or in assessment and treatment of clinical patients.

Product Features
Part Number
Empore 4114HD: C8 bonded silica, 12um particle size. 4mm/1ml.
Empore 4114SD: C8 bonded silica, 50um particle size, 4mm/1ml.
Empore 4115SD: C18 bonded silica, 50um particle size. 4mm/1ml.
Empore 4215SD: C18 bonded silica, 50um particle size. 7mm/3ml.
Empore 4315SD: C18 bonded silica, 50um particle size. 10mm/6ml.
Empore 4340HD: SDB-XC high density polystyrenedivinylbenzene, 12um particle size. 10mm/6ml
Empore 4341HD: SDB-RPS high density, 12um particle size. 10mm/6ml
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Empore Products

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Empore Disk

47 and 90 mm disks with C18, C8, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, Oil & Grease and Activated Carbon

Empore Cartridge

1, 3, and 6 mL cartridges with minimum elution volume 

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Empore 96-well Plate

96-well plate with 1.2 and 2.5 ml well volume 

Empore EZ-Trace

Four channel high-throughput SPE equipment

Ez-trace thumbnail grey.jpg
Empore StageTips

SPE Micropipette Tips with C18, C8, SDB-XC, SDB-RPS, SAX, SCX,

Empore Spin Column

For small-volume desalting and fractionation of peptides and proteins

Spin columns website Thumbnail.png

Efficient, effective, and economical approach for proteomics sample preparation (protein cleanup and digestion) with various format

Leaders in GC Sample Introduction Technology

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