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Purge & Trap

CDS 7000C

Product Introduction

Programmable Time's:


Transfer Line:

Desorb Pre-heat Option:

Valve Oven:

Transfer Line:

Wet Trap:

Desorption Trap:

Adsorbent Trap:


Dimension (W x H x D):


0 - 999.9 minutes

0.3 cm OD x 28.5 cm length

1.5m stainless steel clad fused silica, in flexible heated jacket.






Vocarb or Tenax

9.5 kg

18 cm x 50 cm x 33 cm

Hot Water Rinse Module

Internal Standard Module

Heated Sparge Vessle

Electronic Mass Flow Controller


The 7000C delivers the same combination of quality that made the 7000E such a reliable instrument, but with plug and play connectivity to the worlds leading autosampler platform - the CTC PAL Robotic systems. The 7000C features our industry standard foam sensor, a newly designed wet trap and our distinguished exchangeable sample pneumatics systems, all providing the highest available performance and unrivaled chromotographic resolution. 

Product Features
Valve Oven Reaching as High as 350 °C

This industries highest programmable valve oven expands the capability from VOC's defined in EPA 8260 into the sVOC range 

Silconert 2000 Coated Sample Pathway 

With the best chemically innert coating, 7000C offers a peace of mind in dealing even the most concentrated polar samples

Plug and Play Connectivity with CTC PAL

The plug and play setup for the 7000C with CTC PAL autosampler is quickly adding Purge and Trap capability to your system. 

Hydroguard Wet Trap

The newly designed wet trap is coated with Hydroguard for optimized moisture control with maximized life span 

Quick Access Panel 

The quick access panel offers a convenient way to maintain the sample pathway to minimize any service downtime

Patented Foam Sensor 

This patented sensor eliminates the possibility of sample foaming and subsequent contamination of the sample path way.

Compatible with 5 ml and 25 ml Sparge Vessels

The 7000C is capable of handling both 5 ml and 25 ml sample volume, depending on the sensitivity requirement of your analysis

Optional Heated Sparge Vessel

The heated sparge vessel adds two folds of value to the system; purging at an elevated temperature to improve sensitivity, and reducing carryovers to help keep the sample path way clean.

Acquisition Software with Boosted Productivity

The 7000C Purge and Trap plugin is seamlessly integrated to the CTC control software and method editor. 

Optional Internal Standard Module

This optional module comes with two independent 5 ml reservoirs for an delivery of 2 µl internal standard and/or surrogate to the sample.  

Optional Hot Water Rinse Module

The hot water rinse module is designed to rinse the sample path way in both the CTC PAL and 7000C system to reduce carryover.  

Optional Dynamic Headspace Module

The 7000C Dynamic Headspace Module has a maximum temperature of 300 °C with user settable needle height. A sample stirring mechanism could be activated at user-selectable speed in compliance with 8260 soil method.


This application note adopted the Full Evaporation Technique (FET) to analyze the solvent residual, based on California Residual Solvents Category, in cannabis oil by a CDS Analytical 7000C concentrator equipped with a dynamic headspace (DHS) module. This setup was mou...

This application note demonstrated a fragrance profiling study by a CDS Analytical 7000C concentrator with a dynamic headspace module. This system is mounted on a PAL RTC rail and connected to a mainstream GC/MS for compounds separate and detection. The results were co...

The CDS 7000C is the industry’s first Purge and Trap concentrator seamlessly
integrated with the PAL system. This application note demonstrated the analytical
performance of the Dynamic Headspace Module as an option in the CDS 7000C
purge and trap system, by following...

CDS 7000C Purge and Trap Concentrator coupled to a PAL System is a powerful Purge and Trap automation solution. This application demonstrates EPA Method 8260C using the 7000C Purge and Trap with the PAL System.


This application demonstrates a very interesting finding when cola was tested for flavor profiling.




CDS Analytical would like to introduce a new way to automate VOC analysis in aqueous solutions. In combination with CTC Analytics, we have combined forces by integrating our Purge & Trap (PT) 7000C concentrator into the CTC PAL RSI and RTC systems. 

Now you can integrat...

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Parts & Options



7000C Purge and Trap Concentrator -220V


7000C Purge and Trap Concentrator -115V


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Internal Standard Module


Sparger Heater Assembly - 5mL


Electronic Flow Control Option


7000C Dynamic Headspace Module - 220V


7000C Dynamic Headspace Module - 115V


Heater Water Rinse Assembly -220V


Heater Water Rinse Assembly -115V


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5 ml Sparger Vessel, fritted, none heated


5 ml Sparger Vessel, fritted, heated