Purge & Trap

CDS 7450

Product Introduction

Sample Positions:

Sampling Volume:

Internal Standard:

Sample Pathway:

Water Mode:

Soil Mode:

Soil Heating Temperature:

Magnetic Stirrer:

Placement Accuracy (3D):







5 ml/25 ml

2 µl




80 °C

Speed adjustable

1 mm

48.2 cm

56.9 cm

62.2 cm

24 kg

Thermal Desorption Module


The 7450 autosampler is a 72 position autosampler with dynamic headspace sampling function for EPA methods 524, 624 and 8260 (both water and soil), and built on our 2nd generation autosampler with a more precise handling for sample loading. A perfect match for the 7000E Purge & Trap concentrator.

Product Features
72 Position Autosampler

The autosampler comes with a high capacity of 72 positions for 40 ml VOC vials in three separated racks. 

Internal Standard Addition

CDS purge and trap autosampler adopts a unique 10 port valve with micro-loop technology to precisely inject 2 micro liter of internal standard into the sample, which guarantees the RSDs under 3%. 

5 mL and 25 mL Sample Loop

Depending on the sample size from the Purge and Trap concentrator, the autosampler could accommodate both 5 mL (default) and 25 mL (optional) sample transfer.  

Dynamic Headspace

The 7450 is equipped with a soil tower for dynamic headspace sampling in compliance with EPA 8260 soil samples. 

Water Station

The soil tower is equipped with a water station to process water samples, and a separate  needle is used for soil samples to prevent carry over. 

Magnetic Stirrer

The magnetic stirrer drives the magnetic bar in the soil vial based on EPA 5030 and 5035 sampling requirement for soil samples.

PEEK Sample Pathway

The chemically inert sample pathway guarantees the success of your purge and trap testing even with challenging liquid samples.

Powerful PC Interface

The PC software has a friendly interface to configure each run with programmable rinses, programmable blanks, internal standard addition, and water addition to soil sample.

Gripper with Optical Sensor

The highly reliable VOC vial gripper has an optical sensor as a safety measurement to give you peace of mind when transferring samples to the soil tower.

Precision Robotic Arm

The position accuracy of the 2nd generation autosampler is improved by 50% to 1 mm (X, Y and Z) 3D placement accuracy due to a high precision drive mechanism

Ease of Alignment

The alignment calibration has been significantly improved in the 2nd generation autosampler. The user friendly software tool helps to make alignment calibration in under 10 minutes.