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The Gold Standard of Analytical Pyrolysis

In 1969 CDS began a tradition of leadership and innovation that has evolved through four generations of pyrolyzers and associated thermal sample preparation instruments. Our Pyroprobe® pyrolyzers are acknowledged as the industrys gold standard.

Dynatherm-A Legacy Of Excellence In Thermal Desorption

The Dynatherm line of GC sample collection and introduction instruments meets the stringent test and measurement requirements of laboratory personnel examining trace organic chemicals in air, water, and soil samples, as well as various food products. Current models offer the choice of manual or automated approaches to thermal desorption.

Industry-Workhorse Purge & Trap

Until recently, CDS marketed its industry-workhorse purge & trap instrument exclusively through private labels. Now, customers are able to purchase the Model 7000 Purge & Trap instrument directly from CDS. This high performance instrument offers the lowest cost of ownership, and best chromatographic resolution, available anywhere. It features integrated GC and on-trap injection ports, the first-ever patented foam sensor, full-length wet trap for moisture control, and original exchangeable sample pneumatics system.

Three-In-One Convenience: Purge & Trap, Dynamic Headspace & Thermal Desorption

CDS is unique in offering customers a truly dynamic, 3-in-1, general purpose sample concentrator.
The Model 8000 combines purge & trap, thermal desorption, and dynamic headspace into one high
performance, convenient instrument.