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NEW Whitepaper - Application for Coatings and Polymers in the Automotive Industry

CDS Analytical Inc. is offering a paper detailing the use of pyrolysis and thermal desorption for polymers and coatings used in the automotive industry. The paper points out how pyrolysis-GCMS can act as an R&D tool as well as for QC analysis of practically any organic component used within the auto industry. Applications discussed include: paint, rubbers, molded plastics, method VDA 278, among others.

The paper includes description of analytical techniques, graphs of comparative sample runs, list of available CDS application notes, and lists of published papers. The paper can be downloaded here.

Whitepaper - Using Pyrolysis As A Laboratory Tool To Save Time And Money In Biofuel Analysis

CDS Analytical Inc. is offering a paper detailing the use of pyrolysis on a micro scale to save time and money in biofuel analysis. Source materials currently being studied using laboratory pyrolyzers include switchgrass, wood mess, and municipal waste. Laboratory pyrolyzers are used to study sample sizes in the micro-to-milligram range and offer variable set points and heating rates. Many samples can be run easily under controlled conditions. Being able to run a high volume of small samples should result in savings of time and money when scaling up, either to a larger laboratory or pilot reactor.

The paper includes graphs of comparative runs of wood biomass and biomass pyrolyzed at 750° in helium at 10 PSI using a CDS 5200 HPR with a proprietary reforming catalyst. Extensive lists of laboratories performing biomass research and published papers on the subject are provided for the convenience of those interested in additional information. The paper can be downloaded here.

Whitepaper - Expanding the Scope of GC/MS Analysis Using Analytical Pyrolysis for Forensic Applications

CDS Analytical Inc., a leading manufacturer of programmable pyrolyzers, is offering a paper that discusses expanding the scope of GC/MS analysis using analytical pyrolysis for forensic applications. The paper points out how pyrolysis can create volatile compounds from seemingly incompatible materials like paint, tires, and glue. Precise heating of these samples at the GC inlet produces chromatograms, representing various constituents of the evidence, and only requires microgram sized samples. This ability to work with small sample sizes allows laboratories to save the majority of the evidence in question when analyzing forensic materials.

The paper provides extensive discussions, along with chromatographic runs, of the analysis of paint, rubber, documents, tapes, adhesives, cosmetics, fire debris, and fibers. A comprehensive list of published papers and application notes is included in the forensic paper. The paper can be downloaded here.

CDS/Dynatherm has officially launched our new 7500S Stand-Alone Thermal Desorption Autosampler.

The 7500S is an extension of our Thermal Desorption family, and offers several unique innovations in thermal desorption analysis. - Read More

New CDS-7500 Thermal Desorption Autosampler Offers Easy Analysis of Air and Soil or Water with the Same Concentrator

February 5, 2015 - The new CDS-7500 TD Autosampler offers several unique innovations in thermal desorption analysis. The 7500 Autosampler has the ability to change between thermal desorption tubes for air analysis and VOA vials for soil and/or water analysis. - Read More

New 7400 Purge & Trap Autosampler Makes a Splash with Leading Environmental Testing Lab

February 23, 2013 - When ESC Lab Sciences, a major environmental testing lab in Mt. Juliet, TN (, wanted to replace some aging Archon autosamplers, they turned to CDS Analytical to try out their latest Purge & Trap Autosampler platform, the model 7400. - Read More

CDS Receives Notification of Performance for testing of chemical warfare materials and NTA materials

November 17, 2011 - CDS Analytical received a memorandum from the Branch Chief, Chemical Analysis Physical Property, Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, for the successful performance of the analysis of chemical warfare material and NTA materials. - Read More


New CDS 7500S Stand-Alone Thermal Desorption Autosampler
Like our other autosamplers, the 7500S uses a reliable pick and place robotic platform, holds 72 samples, provides leak checking and other diagnostics and has optional automated IS addition. One important feature we have kept from the standard 7500 is the capability of desorbing other manufacturers TD tubes. Many times a method has been developed with another system or there is a large inventory of TD consumables. The 7500S will allow you to change instruments, but still keep your sampling method and existing TD tubes. Read More

New CDS 7500 Thermal Desorption Autosampler
As an extension to our thermal desorption product line and our popular 7400 Purge & Trap Autosampler, the NEW CDS 7500 TD Autosampler offers several unique innovations in thermal desorption analysis. The 7500 Autosampler has the ability to change between thermal desorption tubes for air analysis and VOA vials for soil and/or water analysis. By easily changing out the sampling tower, the user can rapidly change the autosampler from an air sampling system to a water/soil sample purge and trap system while using the same concentrator. In addition, the system has compatibility with different manufacturer’s sorbent tubes, so you can change autosamplers without purchasing new consumables or changing your method protocols. Read More


High Pressure Pyrolysis from CDS Facilitates Bio-fuel Research
As pressure builds to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce reliance on foreign oil, interest in cellulosic bio-fuels continues to grow. Cellulosic bio-fuels are derived from a wide variety of plant materials as well as non-food based feedstocks and energy crops. However, developing cost-effective means of producing cellulosic bio-fuels on a national scale poses major scientific challenges. Regardless of crop type or feedstock under consideration, analytical research tools are required to study new sources of biomass, bio-engineered crop types, and additives. CDS 5000 Series pyrolysis instruments, including the new CDS Model 5200HP, offer an effective way of meeting one of these analysis challenges. Learn More.


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Precise Heat Control: What Every Scientist Needs to Know About Pyrolytic Techniques to Solve Real Problems


Pittcon 2017, March 5-9th, Booth #4234 
McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

Pyrolysis short course being offered at Pittcon 2017 in Chicago.
Please click here for more information.



1. Comparison of Pyrolysis Products in Different Background Gases

2. Using a Sorbent Packed Pyrolysis Tube for Concentrating VOC’ in Aqueous and Gas Samples

3. Analysis of Fixed Gases Produced from the Pyrolysis of Biomass

4. Tri-Step Analysis of Food Packaging

5. The Thermal Degradation of a Polymer

6. Identifying Additives using a CDS Additive Library

7. The Thermal Analysis of Ionic Surfactants

8. The Analysis of Trace Polymeric Additives

9. Use of Py-GC-HR-TOF for co-eluted peaks and isomer identification

10. Quantitation of Low Levels of Methyl Methacrylate in a Copolymer