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Application Notes

Dynamic Headspace Application Notes
70-(Foods/Flavors/Fragrances) Dynamic Headspace of Cheese
81-(Foods/Flavors/Fragrances/Packaging) Migration of Styrene from Packaging into Food


Dynamic Headspace Reprints
98-(Pharmaceutical) Dynamic Headspace Analyses of Residual Volatiles in Pharmaceuticals
102-(Pharmaceutical / Other) Automated Analyses of Volatiles in Pharmaceutical Environments and Products
108-(Other) Splitless Capillary GC Analysis of Herbs and Spices Using Cryofocusing
146-(Other / Polymers) Dynamic Headspace Sampling of Food Packaging Materials
152-(Other) Dynamic Headspace Analysis of Food Volatile Changes over Time
158-(Forensic) Application of Dynamic Headspace Analysis to Laboratory and Field Arson Investigations
168-(Other) Identification and Quantitation of the Primary Chemicals Responsible for the Characteristic Malodor of Beet Sugar by Purge and Trap GC-MS-OD Techniques
170-(Polymers / Other) Analysis of Volatiles from Microwave Susceptors Using the CAM 5000, The
174-(Polymers / Other) Temperature as a Sample Preparation Tool in the Analysis of Materials by GC-MS
176-(Other) Thermal Desorption for GC Sample Preparation
179-(Foods/Flavors/Fragrances) Analysis of Food Volatiles Using Headspace-Gas Chromatographic Techniques
185-(Polymers) Polymer Additive Analysis using Multi-Step Thermal Sampling-GC/MS
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