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Application Notes

Thermal Desorption Application Notes
91-(Consumer Products / Environment / Other / Carpet / Emissions) Carpet Volatile Emissions
92-(Environment / Polymers / Consumer Products / Other / Tile / Molding) Tile and Molding Volatiles
94-(Consumer Products / Other / Food / Odor) Coffee Volatile Profiles
Pyrolysis Application Notes
56-(Forensic / Other / Polymers) Pyrolysis-GC/MS of Automobile Paints
61-(Forensic / Other / Polymers) Pyrolysis of Natural and Synthetic Adhesives
72-(Other / Autosampling / Reproducibility) Pyrolysis Autosampling Reproducibility
79-(Other / Multistepl / Packing) Multi-step Analysis of Packaging Tape
89-(Consumer Products / Other / Multistep / Smokeless Tobacco) Four-Step Analysis of Smokeless Tobacco
93-(Polymers / Consumer Products / Other / Flame Retardants) Brominated Flame Retardants in a Polycarbonate
104-(Brominated Flame Retardant in PET) Brominated Flame Retardant in PET
105-(Cracking Products of Oleic Acid and Olive Oil) Cracking Products of Oleic Acid and Olive Oil
Dynamic Headspace Application Notes
70-(Foods/Flavors/Fragrances) Dynamic Headspace of Cheese
81-(Foods/Flavors/Fragrances/Packaging) Migration of Styrene from Packaging into Food


Pyrolysis Reprints
104-(Other)Controlled Heating-rate Pyrolysis: A new concept in Solids Pyrolysis
127-(Other) Improved Kerogen Typing for Petroleum Source Rock Analysis
145-(Other) Temperature Control Consideration in Analytical Pyrolysis
156-(Polymers / Other) Parameter Optimization for Quantitative Pyrolysis/FT-IR
172-(Forensic / Other) Recent Changes in Automotive Paint Formulation Using Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry for Identification
175-(Other) Paints and Coatings: Pyrolysis: Gas Chromatography
178-(Other) Introduction to Pyrolysis-Capillary Gas Chromatography
182-(Natural Materials) The Examination of Amber Beads from the Collection of the State Hermitage Museum found in Arzhan-2 Burial Memorial Site
183-(Natural MaterialsPyrolysis-GC/MS Fingerprinting ) of Environmental Samples
184-(Natural Materials) Characterizing Soil Organic Matter Quality in Arctic Soil by Cover Type and Depth
Dynamic Headspace, Purge and Trap, Thermal Desorption Reprints
102-(Pharmaceutical / Other) Automated Analyses of Volatiles in Pharmaceutical Environments and Products
108-(Other) Splitless Capillary GC Analysis of Herbs and Spices Using Cryofocusing
118-(Other) Analysis of Flavor Volatiles Using a Glass-Lined Concentrator
146-(Other / Polymers) Dynamic Headspace Sampling of Food Packaging Materials
152-(Other) Dynamic Headspace Analysis of Food Volatile Changes over Time
168-(Other) Identification and Quantitation of the Primary Chemicals Responsible for the Characteristic Malodor of Beet Sugar by Purge and Trap GC-MS-OD Techniques
170-(Polymers / Other) Analysis of Volatiles from Microwave Susceptors Using the CAM 5000, The
174-(Polymers / Other) Temperature as a Sample Preparation Tool in the Analysis of Materials by GC-MS
176-(Other) Thermal Desorption for GC Sample Preparation
179-(Foods/Flavors/Fragrances) Analysis of Food Volatiles Using Headspace-Gas Chromatographic Techniques
Purge and Trap Reprints
109-(Environmental / Other) Systems Approach to Automatic Cryofocusing in Purge and Trap, Headspace, and Pyrolytic Analysis
138-(Environmental / Other) Purge and Trap Analysis of Aqueous Samples with Cryofocusing
154-(Environmental / Other) Sources of Error in Purge and Trap Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds
160-(Other) Purge and Trap Applications in the Food Industry
162-(Other) Purge and Trap Analysis of Dairy Product
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