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Application Notes

Pyrolysis Application Notes
104-(Brominated Flame Retardant in PET) Brominated Flame Retardant in PET
105-(Cracking Products of Oleic Acid and Olive Oil) Cracking Products of Oleic Acid and Olive Oil
Thermal Desorption Application Notes
91-(Consumer Products / Environment / Other / Carpet / Emissions) Carpet Volatile Emissions
92-(Environment / Polymers / Consumer Products / Other / Tile / Molding) Tile and Molding Volatiles
95-(Environment / PAHs / Forensic / Consumer Products) PAH Analysis with the CDS TDA 9300
97-(Air Sampling / Environment / Consumer Products / Carpet) VDA 278 Analysis using Thermal Desorption with a Dynatherm-GC/MS
98-(Environment / Air Sampling / Homeland Defense) Military Simulant Linearity/Reproducibility with the Dynatherm 9300 TDA


Pyrolysis Reprints
165-(Environmental) Kinetic Studies of the Primary Pyrolysis of Municipal Solid Waste in a Pyroprobe 1000
169-(Environmental) Rapid On-line Thermal Desorption of PCB's and VOC's from Soil Using the HTD
183-(Natural Materials / Other) Pyrolysis-GC/MS Fingerprinting of Environmental Samples
184-(Natural Materials / Other) Characterizing Soil Organic Matter Quality in Arctic Soil by Cover Type and Depth
Purge and Trap
109-(Environmental / Other) Systems Approach to Automatic Cryofocusing in Purge and Trap, Headspace, and Pyrolytic Analysis
138-(Environmental / Other) Purge and Trap Analysis of Aqueous Samples with Cryofocusing
154-(Environmental / Other) Sources of Error in Purge and Trap Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds
155-(Environmental) Dedicated Purge and Trap System for Environmental Analysis, A
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