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CDS Analytical tube conditionerTube Conditioner

Dynatherm offers both a single-tube and a six-tube conditioner to restore tubes to their original purity. In the six-tube model, individual temperatures and flows can be set for each tube, and are sensor-controlled to 1°C. Heaters and fittings can be mixed and matched to accommodate tubes with different outer diameters and lengths, then can be conditioned simultaneously on the Model 9600 Six-Tube Conditioner.

The 9600 comes with a handheld controller, which stores up to 20 methods, and optional DCI software, letting the user program each tube chamber in 1°C increments and condition in 0.1 minute increments. Both models offer an injection port option that lets users spike tubes with an internal standard.

Optional Computer Software

CDS Analytical tube conditioner software Model 10 single tube conditioner also available.