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CDS Model 7500 TDA
ACEM 9300 Series
ACEM 9300
ACEM 9350

Dynatherm Product Line

The Dynatherm product line of sample collection and introduction instruments for gas chromatography serves the laboratory test and measurement markets. Dynatherm instruments provide laboratory personnel from both government and commercial activities with the means to collect trace organic chemicals from air, water and soil samples, as well as diverse food products such as coffee, grains, juices, chocolate, flavorings and their packaging materials

In much the same way as a vacuum cleaner filters dust from the air as it sweeps over a surface, Dynatherm instruments capture the chemicals to be analyzed on adsorbent material packed in glass cartridges, and then introduce the collected chemicals into various analytical instruments for component identification and quantitative measurement. The technology provides customers with solutions to problems encountered during sampling, such as high humidity, continuous monitoring and low concentration requirements.

The current line of Dynatherm instruments provides both manual and automated approaches to thermal desorption. The 7500 TDA is a single-tube desorber that desorbs one tube at a time. Upgrades to the 7500 include single tube sampling capabilities (9305) and a variety of continuous sampling capabilities (9350 series). The 7500 TDA is an 18-tube autosampler that also can be used to do dynamic headspace analyses.

In the early 1990s, several laboratory equipment manufacturers headed by Agilent and  E-N-G Mobile Systems teamed to produce the Real Time Analytical Platform (RTAP), a mobile laboratory that provides airborne exposure level assessments of dangerous chemicals for the U.S. Army.  Dynatherm Thermal Desorption units became a key component of these laboratories

Terrorist activities and events in Iraq created a need for other types of mobile instrumentation to detect airborne chemical weapons, pre-cursor compounds, and manufacturing by-products. Dynatherm instruments are used in the Flyaway Modular Laboratory, which is designed to be easily moved in containerized modules and transportable on standard commercial aircraft and be operational within 4-6 hours anywhere in the world. The package is totally self-contained and includes power and gas generators.

Dynatherm systems were used in the development of the TO-15 and TO-17 ambient air methods issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These methods allow government agencies, environmental contract laboratories, and industrial customers to use the technique of thermal desorption for assessment of air toxics and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With the introduction of the TDA/7500 laboratories can now do Product Emission studies both through the use of sorbent tubes and through dynamic headspace studies directly.

Dynatherm instruments have contributed significantly to problem solving method development projects at the U. S. Department of Defense, EPA, NIOSH and OSHA. Addressing the need for robust, reliable air sampling and concentration techniques, the various instruments are used extensively in applications to:

  • Evaluate long-and short-term chemical exposures in the workplace,
  • Detect/identify/quantify chemicals generated during terrorist and criminal activities,
  • Assess VOCs and toxic industrial compounds (TICs) for ambient and indoor air quality, and
  • Monitor challenge atmospheres in environmental chamber studies.

Dynatherm Product Line

Dynatherm Model ACEM 9300 Series
CDS Model 7500 Thermal Desorption Autosampler
Dynatherm Model ACEM 9350
A/DAM-Agilent/Dynatherm Agent Monitor
Tube Conditioners
Sorbent tubes and Traps