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CDS Model 7500 Thermal Desorption AutosamplerCDS Model 7500 Thermal Desorption Autosampler

Introducing the NEW CDS 7500 TD Autosampler

As an extension of our popular 7400 Purge & Trap Autosampler the NEW CDS 7500 TD Autosampler offers a unique innovation; the ability for the user to change between TD tubes for air and VOA vials for soil and/or water analysis.


  • Pick and Place robotic arm
  • 3 removable trays (72 sample)
  • Automated IS addition
  • Sample saver
  • Leak checking
  • Ability to desorb other manufacturers tubes

The CDS 7500 TD Autosampler is Compatible with the Dynatherm 9300 Series and the Purge & Trap 7000 E.

If interested please contact us for more information.