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ACEM9350ACEM 9350

Excellence In Continuous Air Monitoring: The CDS 9350

Traditionally, thermal desorption has been used for sample introduction in routine air monitoring applications. The technique is also found in mission-critical situations, like health & safety monitoring in many of the world’s most dangerous venues. Thermal desorption systems are employed in government facilities to monitor air for chemical agents, and in industrial facilities to detect toxic industrial chemicals (TICS) and ozone precursors.

The CDS 9350 is the latest real time air monitoring system.  It has been designed to deal with the more difficult environments that have to date, not been achievable.  This includes the ability to collect and analyze compounds with boiling points down to -50° C, without cryogen trapping or cryofocusing, and collect analytes with boiling points above 300° C with a sampling line and all heated zones capable of maintaining temperatures of up to 350° C.  

The CDS 9350 has fast flow capabilities for sample collection of up to 1.5 LPM, rapid heat and cool down times for both sorbent tubes and focus trap without the need for cryo focusing.  This allows for much quicker cycle times, from collection to completion of analytical analysis, when utilizing the latest in Low Thermal Mass (LTM) chromatography techniques.

Product Specifications

Compatible with all GC and GC/MS makes and models.

Dual sorbent tubes for continuous sampling

Single focus trap

Desorption temperatures up to 375°C

Valve and transfer Line temperatures up to 350°C

Heating rates: 1000°C/min
Sorbent tubes: Standard 6 mm * 4 1/2", Fast Flow 10 mm * 4 1/2"(6 mm ends)

GC Volatiles using the Purge & Trap accessory

Graph of GC Volitiles using the CDS Analytical Purge & Trap acessory

PAH standard

PAH Standard

CDS Model 7500 Thermal Desorption Autosampler