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Pyroprobe 6000 Series

We are excited to be releasing our 6th generation of pyrolysis instruments, the 6000 series. It includes capabilities that were unimaginable when we introduced our first system (the Model 100) in 1970, and many of these new features are not available in any other commercial pyrolyzer.

CDS Pyrolyzers are much more than a polymer introduction system. With the advancements made in our pyrolysis instruments, we now consider them thermal injection systems that can tackle the most difficult chromatography sample matrix, whether solid, liquid or gas. Our pyrolyzers are fully programmable with the widest temperature settings and ramp rates in the industry. With proper accessories and programming, the instruments can be used for Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA), Thermal Desorption, Reactive Gas Pyrolysis, Dynamic Headspace, High-Pressure Pyrolysis, Direct PY-MS, PY-FTIR, and even catalyst testing.

Capability Summary

  • Best Guaranteed System Accuracy <2% RSD*
  • Systems are fully upgradeable
  • New Automated Leak Check capabilities
  • Program purge to vent to eliminate unwanted solvents or volatiles before analyzing the sample
  • New graphics plot out temp vs time profile
  • Extensive diagnostic abilities aid in trouble shooting down to component level
  • Monitor your system remotely with the built-in blue tooth capabilities (coming soon)
  • Includes a pyrolysis and thermal desorption library of 50 preprogrammed methods
  • Optional features include
    • Analytical trapping
    • Reactant gas capabilities so you can pyrolyzer in oxygen, hydrogen or any gas of your choice
    • Autosamplers
    • Libraries for polymers and additives
    • Option to desorb TD tubes for VOC in air analysis
    • Dynamic headspace vessel (25 ml) for large samples
    • Catalyst Reactor
    • Pyrolyze at elevated pressures and in steam
    • Interface to an FTIR
    • Mass Flow Control option to automatically adjust flow rates

*When comparing trimer/monomer ratios of polystyrene

The CDS pyroprobe uses a reliable and repeatable platinum filament heating system. The microprocessor in the electronics controls the temperature of the filament by calculating the resistance of the filament at the set point temperature and supplying the correct voltage to achieve that temperature. An incredible maximum heating rate of 20,000C/second is achievable, which assures the most consistent scission of polymers for unmatched quantitative accuracies and repeatability.

DISC Probe
DISC Probe

Probes are available in a variety of designs and sizes, including a flat ribbon probe where the sample is directly placed on the platinum for maximum heat transfer, and a coil probe, where samples are inserted into quartz tubes or boats before inserting into the coil filament. Also, we now offer an easy to use "Drop In Sample Chamber" (DISC probe) that eliminates the need to insert the sample tube into the coil probe.

New Application Notes for 6000 Pyroprobe


The CDS Pyroprobe 6150

The 6150 is our base model instrument for pyrolyzing in GC carrier gas only. The 6150 connects to any model GC with a heated sample line for easy on/off installation. A low-mass programmable interface allows for thermal desorption of volatiles before pyrolyzing the sample.

Basic program features include:

  • Programmable Temperature Range: From ambient to 1400°C, in 1C increments
  • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 1°C
  • Heating Rates:
    • 0.01°C/ms to 20.0°C/ms
    • 0.01°C/sec to 999.9°C/sec
    • 0.01°C/min to 999.9°C/min
  • Probe Clean and Sample Dry: Temperatures are user-selectable
  • Steps: Up to 10 temperature profiles with a GC start per step. Allows for multiple thermal desorption or pyrolysis steps on each sample.
  • Interface Type: Low-mass programmable zone to assist in thermal extraction or evolved gas studies
  • Interface Temperature: Settable in 1°C increments to 400°C
  • Interface Heating Rates: Programmable in 1°C/min to 100°C/min
  • GC Connection: Heated sample line through injection port; programmable to 375°C
  • Valve Oven: Settable in 1°C increments to 350°C
  • Dimensions: 381 mm (15") W x 292.1 mm (11.5") H x 406.4 mm (16") D
  • Weight: 16.3 kg (36 lb)

The CDS Pyroprobe 6200

Includes All 6150 Functionality Plus These Value-Added Features:

A built-in analytical trap which enables the instrument to collect analytes using slow rate pyrolysis, use a reactant gas (like oxygen), or perform thermal desorption on sorbent tubes or larger samples. The unique interface design permits direct pyrolysis in carrier gas to the GC inlet, or heating and transfer to the trap, before being introduced to the GC. An optional test tube desorber can be heated up to 300°C for running dynamic headspace experiments on larger samples.

Pyrolysis and interface programming same as 6150.

Pyroprobe 6200 crossection

Trapping and Reactant Gas Pyrolysis Capabilities:

  • Interface Type: Pyrolysis to built-in trap or direct to GC
  • Trap Heating Rate: 1000°C/minute
  • Trap Temperature: Ambient to 400°C
  • Trap Packing: Tenax-TA™ standard. Other packings available.
  • Dynamic Headspace Option
  • Type: 25 ml test tube chamber and NEW 800ml vessel
  • Heating capabilities: Up to 300°C
  • Purge time: Up to 999.99 minutes
  • Optional Cryotrap
  • Liquid N2 cooled and programmable to -150°C
  • Dimensions: 381 mm (15") W x 292.1 mm (11.5") H x 406.4 mm (16") D
  • Weight: 16.3 kg (36 lb)

All 6000 series instruments come with a LCD touch screen for local control and a Windows-based operating software package.

The LCD screen allows for local start/stop of the py-GCMS system as well as displays current settings and running temperatures and pressures

CDS 6200 Pyroprobe test3 Method graphic

The easy to use Windows software runs on the same PC that is controlling your GC. The system comes with 50 pre-programmed pyrolysis methods so you can quickly be on your way after installation.