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Pyroprobe 5200 High Pressure Reactor w/Built-in Trap

Pyroprobe 5200CDS has introduced the first and only high-pressure pyrolysis system. Scientists studying new material, such as various biomass feed stock, need to understand how these materials break down in a reactor at varying conditions. The high-pressure pyrolyzer allows them to study both high temperature & pressure on a small scale in the lab before undergoing the time and expense of scaling up to a pilot reactor. And in addition, the background gas can be carrier gas or a reactant gas such as air or oxygen.

The High Pressure Pyrolysis instrument will use the model 5200 which has been modified with a back pressure regulator (BPR) to the trap of the 5200. Samples can then be pyrolyzed at elevated pressures (500PSI max) and collected onto the built-in trap. After pyrolysis of the sample is complete, the analytes can be transferred to the GC at normal operating conditions. Any reactant gas can be used including H2, O2, CH4 or CO in the pyrolysis chamber.

Basic Specifications

  • Compatible with all GC makes and models.

  • Uses a resistively heated element utilizing a coiled platinum filament for variable temperature control.
    This allows for fast and slow pyrolysis-heating rates that shall be programmable in degrees per millisecond, in degrees per second, and in degrees per minute.

    • Heating Rates:
      0.01°C/ms to 20.0°C/ms
      0.01°C/sec to 999.9°C/sec
      0.01°C/min to 999.9°C/min
  • Pyrolysis Temperature: selectable in 1°C increments from ambient to 1400°C.

  • Pressure: 5-500 PSI

  • Steps per Sample: up to eight temperature profiles with a GC start per step. Allows for multiple thermal desorption or pyrolysis steps on each sample.

  • Interface, transfer line and valve oven temperatures are settable in 1°C increments to 350°C.

  • Optional Steam Reactant Gas: 1µl/min. water input. System generates steam reformer gas feed to reactor

  • The built-in trap shall allow the user to pyrolyze in a reactant atmosphere, such as air, trap the pyrolyzed components and then desorb them in the GC for analysis. The trap can also be used to do slow evolved gas studies on samples and be used as a thermal desorption chamber.

    • Trap Temperature: ambient to 350°C
    • Trap Heating Rate: 600°C/min
  • The entire sample path to the gas chromatograph consists of SILTEK®.

Optional Catalyst Reactor

  • Heated Tubular Reactor: Includes independently temperature controlled reactor zone (800°C) between the Pyroprobe and the back-pressure regulator of the High-Pressure 5200. Catalyst for the reactor is contained in easily removable stainless steel tubes. Volatiles produced by pyrolysis are carried through the reactor, and the resulting products are collected onto the trap of the Pyroprobe, for transfer to a GC or GC/MS for analysis.

Optional Steam Reactant Gas

  • The system can pyrolyze samples up to 1400°C at pressures to 500 PSIG in steam, and then pass the pyrolyzed gas through a heated catalyst bed.

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