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Click here to learn more about the New CDS Pyrolysis Sample Prep Station where you can prepare and store everything you need to prepare samples all in one unit.


photo of pyrolysis sample prep stationNew CDS Pyrolysis Sample Prep Station

CDS has developed the pyrolysis sample prep station, a complete set up where you can prepare and store everything you need to prepare samples all in one unit. Includes a wood case with drawer, 2 ceramic cutting boards (one black, one white), removable sample holder, adjustable magnifying glass with light, vacuum pump, Harris Uni-Core™, mortar and pestle. (sample handling kit not included)


Pyrolysis Sample Handling Kit for Easier Sample Preparation

Includes everything you need to prepare samples for pyrolysis. The kit contains a knife and tweezers, as well as quartz wool and tubes for holding the sample in the coil probe, plus a plunger for removing the sample from the tube after pyrolysis. Also included are three reference polymers (Kraton 1107, Nylon, and Polyethylene) with pyrograms of these materials indicating suggested operating parameters. The sample handling kit comes with a CD containing the pyrograms, pyrolysis literature, including application notes, and training presentations.

For 1/4" Probe Filaments-Part Number 0100-9014


photo of coil and ribbon element probesProbes easily replaced in lab-no downtime for service. Variety of sample probes available for all types of applications. CDS offers sample probes in a variety of sizes and configurations. Platinum filaments may be configured as either a ribbon for direct sample placement, or as a coil which takes samples placed into quartz tubes.
COIL ELEMENT-For samples held in reusable quartz tubes or boats.
RIBBON ELEMENT-For film and solvent deposited solids.

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Desorption Probe Tubes (5" Long)

photo of desorpton probe tubesThe CDS 5200 Pyroprobe comes standard with a Thermal Desorption probe handle for Thermally Desorbing Air samples collected on solid sorbents or empty tubes for thermally desorbing larger quantities of Solid material. A variety of Sorbent packed tubes are available.

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photo of direct insertion probe for MSDirect Insertion Probes for MS

Direct insertion probes are available for the inlet of a mass spectrometer, providing analysis directly in the ion source of the mass spectrometer


photo of CDS pyrolysis systime for FT-IRThe CDS Pyrolysis System for FT-IR

Thermal evolution, vaporization, pyrolysis, directly in your FT-IR using the CDS Analytical Pyroprobe 5000. This is the only FT-IR interface available that makes pyrolysis possible. Sample cells are available for insertion into the light path of a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer for direct FT-IR measurement of intricate solids.

Part Numbers: 10F3-5030 (115 Volt), 10F3-5031 (220 Volt

photo of valved interface1500 Valved Interface

· Temperature-Ambient to 350°C
· Includes on-line/off-line valve to isolate GC from pyrolysis zone
· Includes separate purge gas for pyrolysis zone
· Permits purging air from interface before connecting sample to GC
· Recommended for GC/MS applications
· Part Numbers: 10A3-5022 (115 Volt), 10A3-5023 ( 220 Volt)

1500 HTD Valved 1/2" Interface

· Available for use with the 5000 Pyroprobe
· Designed for rapid heating of larger samples
· Required: Takes 1/2" HTD Pyroprobe coil probe for larger quartz tubes and boats
· Permits rapid thermal desorption of semivolatiles without trapping
· For residuals, soil analysis, low organic content samples
· Part Numbers: 10A3-5020 (115 Volt), 10A3-5021 (220 Volt)

photo of tube guideTube Guide

· Makes inserting the quartz tube into the coil probe easier.
· Part Number: 5001-4001

photo of tube trayTube Tray

· Has spaces for organizing 45 quartz tubes.
· Part Number: 5003-5037