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AS 5250 Pyrolysis Autosampler

photo of AS 5250Increase the throughput of your pyrolysis laboratory by using the AS5250 Pyroprobe® Autosampler. The AS5250 provides hands-free analysis of up to 36 samples and enhances operational capacity allowing unattended operation over a weekend or holiday period. Solid, viscous liquid and powder samples are analyzed directly, eliminating the need to perform lengthy sample extractions or derivatizations. A patented heating method provides the flexibility to perform both high performance thermal desorption and pyrolysis on the same sample. Microsoft Windows® compatible software facilitates methods development and allows for standard operating procedures to be written for GLP/GMP compliance.*

* Recommended operating system: Windows® 98 or newer.


Previously inextractable materials such as natural and synthetic polymers, paints, laminates, fuels, packaging materials, rubber, surfactants, textile materials, inks, and adhesive tapes can now be analyzed with a GC or GC/MS thanks to the AS5250 Autosampler.

Designed with high precision and state-of-the-art electronic control, the AS5250 heats semivolatile and nonvolatile materials at operator definable temperatures up to 1300°C with heating rates up to 20,000°C/ per sec. Flexibility of control for heating rates, start and finish temperatures and hold times permit both thermal desorption, headspace, and pyrolysis experiments to be performed as required.

Direct analysis saves time and valuable research funds by eliminating solvent extraction and sample derivatizations. Furthermore, quality control and methods development applications benefit from the high level of reproducibility of the Autosampler. Decisions can be made quickly based upon relative area ratios of peaks in the sample chromatogram.

The AS5250 Autosampler can be operated in either the manual single sample mode or the automated mode with 36-position sample tray as standard. An optional tray provides up to 45 samples.

Standard temperature controls include multi-ramp capability from ambient to 1300°C with ramp rates from 20°C per millisecond to 0.01°C per minute. Independent control of the Autosampler interface temperature up to 300°C and a programmable clean heating function ensure that background contamination is not a problem. Short sample path lengths between the pyrolysis chamber and the GC injector ensure that chromatographic resolution is maintained.

  • Top valve and pyrolysis chamber stay cool
  • Better temperature control for desorption
  • Carousel stays cooler
  • Pre-heating with DRY function
  • Heated vent line
  • Quick-connect transfer line
  • Bottom valve stays open during Clean
  • Easy to service coil and o-rings
  • Unlimited number of runs per sample
  • Completely different parameters for each sample
  • Initial, ramp and final for each run
  • GC start automatically for each run
  • Sample stays cool between runs