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5250T Trapping Pyrolysis Autosampler

photo of 5250T Trapping Pyrolysis AutosamplerCombined benefits of 5200 trapping pyrolyzer & 5250

Now, customers do not have to choose between the convenience of automation and the extra benefits of trapping. The 5250T delivers it all at a competitive price, including unique features unavailable in any other pyrolysis system. For example; pyrolysis in reactant gas (normally py is performed in carrier gas), slow rate pyrolysis studies, and combustion studies.

The 5250T offers all of the standard 5250 autosampler features and can be used as a normal pyrolyzer, bypassing the trap. When desired, customers can choose to pyrolyze in any other background gas including O2, H2 and air. The instrument connects with any model GC through our convenient heated sample line. A standard sorbent trap is included and an optional cryogenic (N2) trap is available.

(CDS will continue to offer our standard 5250 autosampler for customers that do not require trapping. Please note that all CDS 5000 series instruments can be upgraded to the 5250T; thereby leveraging your investment in CDS quality.)

Product Specifications

Compatible with all GC and GCMS makes and models.

Uses a resistively heated element utilizing a coiled platinum filament for variable temperature control. This allows for fast and slow pyrolysis-heating rates that shall be programmable in degrees per millisecond, in degrees per second, and in degrees per minute.

Filament Temperature: 1°C increments to 1300°C

Heating Rates: 0.01°C/minute to 20,000°C/second

Heating Times: 0.01 second to 999.99 minutes

Interface: 1°C increments to 350°C

Trap: 1°C increments to 350°C

8 Steps per Sample: up to eight temperature profiles with a GC start per step. Allows for multiple thermal desorption or pyrolysis steps on each sample. The built-in trap shall allow the user to pyrolyze in a reactant atmosphere, such as air, trap the pyrolyzed components and then desorb them to the GC for analysis. The trap can also be used to do slow evolved gas studies on samples and be used as a thermal desorption chamber.

Trap Temperature: ambient to 350°C

Trap Heating Rate: 900°C/min

The 5250T Trapping Pyrolysis Autosampler can be used in any of the following modes:

Feature Benefit
Pyrolysis direct to GC Provides standard Py-GC or Py-GC/MS analysis
Pyrolysis w/trapping Allows low temperature work for thermal desorption and programmed heating rate pyrolysis
Reactant gas pyrolysis w/trapping Permits pyrolysis in reactive atmosphere like air or oxygen
Thermal Desorption Analyze samples at pre-pyrolysis temperatures for volatiles & semi-volatiles


Optional Reactor:

photo of 5250T Reactor5250T Reactor: An optional reactor module is now available for the CDS 5250T Trapping Pyrolysis Autosampler. The reactor module consists of a high temperature reactor with catalyst tube and a temperature control module with four temperature stations. The pyrolyzed sample flows into the reactor and back out to the trap of the 5250T. Any background gas can be used, including Hydrogen and Oxygen. It can also be configured so that the pyrolyzed sample comes out of the reactor and flows directly into the GC. In this case, pyrolysis will be done in the carrier gas only.