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photo of CDS 7000E

Figure 1: CDS 7000 E

Introducing the New 7000 E

The NEW CDS 7000 E delivers the same reliable performance as the model 7000, but in a smaller and stream-lined package. The 7000 E features our industry standard foam sensor, a newly redesigned wet trap for moisture control, and our original exchangeable sample pneumatics system, all providing the highest available performance and unrivalled chromatographic resolution.


  • The Best Chromatographic Resolution in the Industry
  • Newly updated computer interface
  • Integrated GC and On-Trap Injection Ports (CDS 7000 only)
  • First Patented Foam Sensor
  • Full Length Integrated Wet Trap
  • Exchangeable Sample Pneumatic System
  • Pre-desorb for Better Peak Shape
  • Optional Programmable Electronic Flow Control
  • Optional Sample Heater

As most seasoned chromatographers know, CDS Analytical is the world's premier pyrolysis manufacturer. What you may not know is that CDS also has produced purge & trap instruments for over 25 years-originally under the Peak Master name, and then under an exclusive private label contract with a major US supplier.

CDS has expanded the instrument with an optional internal electronic flow control option. Without changing the flow path or electronics, we have added electronic flow control so that the operator can individually control purge and GC flows during the purge cycle, trap dry, trap desorb and trap bake. This will allow increased throughput for each sample batch, allowing you to run more samples per instrument.

Product Specifications:

Programmable times: 0-999.9 minutes

Step to features and hold key

Injection ports to GC column and Concentration Trap

Trap: 0.3 cm OD x 28.5 cm Length

Transfer Line: 1.5 m stainless steel clad fused silica, in flexible heated jacket

Desorb pre-heat option

Max. Operating Temperatures:

Valve oven 350°C
Transfer Line 450°C
Wet Trap 425°C
Adsorbent Trap 425°C
Cryofocuser 350°C

Overall Dimensions:

25 cm W x 44 cm H x 46 cm D

Dichlorodiflouromethane Through Hexachlorobutadiene

CDS 7300 Autosampler

CDS 7400 Autosampler