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Dynamic Headspace Vessels

A word about vessel temperatures...

All CDS headspace vessels have a maximum setpoint value for the temperature, but the actual maximum operating temperature depends in large part on the elastomer used to seal the vessel in use. CDS can provide seals for the vessels made of Viton®, Kalrez® or Teflon®, each of which has its own temperature limitations. The typical safe operating temperature for Teflon is 180°C, for Viton is 204°C, and for Kalrez is 260°C.

photo fo Bulk Headspace VesselBulk Headspace Vessel

The bulk headspace vessel is 95 mm in diameter, 115 mm in depth and has a volume of about 800 mL. A metal clamp secures the top against a Teflon® lined sealing gasket.

pjoto of 38mm diameter vessel38 Diameter Vessel

The 38 mm diameter vessel is 120 mm deep, with a volume of 140 mL. It has a perforated tray to place samples in the center of the vessel during purging.

photo of vertical test tube desorberVertical Test Tube Desorber

The vertical test tube desorber is 20 mm in diameter, 150 mm deep and has a volume of 50 mL. Samples are placed into a glass test tube which fits into the heater, and purge flow is brought from the top into the test tube. This desorber is ideal for samples which are liquid or will melt at the sampling temperature.