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CDS 8000

photo of CDS 8000 sample concentratorThe CDS 8000 sample concentrator is the first universal GC sample preparation system designed with today's analytical lab personnel in mind. The 8000 is designed to allow Pyrolysis, Purge & Trap, Dynamic Headspace, and Thermal Desorption with one instrument. Easily interchangeable sampling modules provide the maximum in sample flexibility and the quickest setup and preparation times.

No matter what type of sample needs to be analyzed, liquid, solids, pastes, or powders, the 8000 can prepare them for injection into a GC or GC/MS system. Unique features offer benefits that make the 8000 even more powerful.

Liquids Purge & Trap Analysis

Configured with a sparge vessel, the 8000 is capable of performing sample preparation of liquid samples. Heated sparge and integral foam sensor options allow for the ultimate in analysis of CDS 8000 with pyrolyser


The 8000 is designed to allow simple integration with a CDS 5000 pyrolysis instrument. The interface is built directly into the 8000 for simplicity and effectiveness.

Dynamic Headspace

The 8000 easily adapts to a number of different dynamic headspace vessels allowing all shapes and sizes of samples to be introduced in the GC.

New! For CDS Model 8000

Overall Dimensions:

8000: 25 cm W x 44 cm H x 46 cm D
Vessel Platform: 24 cm W x 7 cm H x 20 cm D
Prgrammable Times: 0-999.9 minutes
Trap Dimensions: 0.3 cm OD x 28.5 cm L

Transfer Line

Stainless steel clad fused silica
1.2 m standard
0.6, 0.9, and 1.5 m available

Heated Zones-Temp. °C

Valve Oven: 350°C
Transfer Line: 350°C
Water Elimination Trap: 350°C
Adsorbent Trap: 350°C
Cryogenic Focuser: 350°C
Dynamic Headspace Vessels: 350°C

Cryo Trap Option: Permits subambient sample collection on the absorbent trap using liquid nitrogen, with 1°C setpoints from-180°C to 350°C. Trap packed with glass beads.

Optional Enhanced Analysis Capabilities

Vacuum Sampling: Pulls a sample to the trap using vacuum pump at the trap vent. Used for air sampling, Tedlar bags, and large sample volumes.
Reactant Gas: Allows for sampling in air or oxygen with transfer to GC in helium.
Cryogenic Focusing: Allows for increased sensitivity and peak resolution.

Direct Injection Features

Trap Injection Port: Allows easy introduction of standards directly into the trap for evaluation.
GC Injection Port: Allows injection standards directly in the GC for calibration.

Trap Sample Path Components

Dual Sample Path: Allows water sparging and thermal desorption
on the same unit.
Silcosteel Sample Path: Provides an inert sample transfer.
Water Elimination Trap: Prevents delivery of water to the GC.
Digital Control Interface Software: Allows for complete control of the 8000 from a local PC utilizing intuitive Windows® based software. Allows for unlimited storage of methods.

Markets Served

  • Food-aroma volatiles and packaging for spices, beer, cheese, dairy, oils, and more...
  • Tobacco-cigarettes, filters, papers, flavor additives...
  • Pharmaceuticals-residual solvents, monomers, additives, coatings, oxidation...
  • Paints & Coatings
  • Forensic-arson investigation
  • Paper-specialty inks and coatings...
  • Automotive-plastics, rubbers, exhaust/filters, tops, panels, tires...
  • Cosmetics-fragrance analysis, surfactants, additives...
  • Semiconductor and Electronics-wafers, disk drives, PCBs, components...
  • Medical/Clinical Products-IV packs, stints, catheters, packaging...
  • Consumer Products-film, shaving products, soap, waxes, gum, adhesives, glues...
  • Textiles
  • And More...

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